Why Join GAIL

Why Join GAIL

From the onset of their careers, new joinees at GAIL are taken onboard through a well structured and enriching Induction programme. As part of this orientation programme, the new recruits are made to interact with the heads of various business functions and they are encouraged to ask questions to the best of the field executives, which gives them a greater insight of GAIL's businesses and its value chain. Moreover, new recruits are sent to major workstations for gaining a deeper understanding of the various business functions of GAIL. In order to add different dimensions to the induction programme, it also has modules on Yoga and Dramatics conducted by the prestigious National School of Drama. The top brass of the company including C&MD and Directors interact with the new joinees during a cultural evening where the youngsters are encouraged to perform on various themes which we feel helps in bonding and breaking the ice.

A formal mentorship program has also been put in place in the organization for the Executive Trainees. As Part of this mentorship program, the trainees are assigned to a mentor who is a senior executive in order to assist them in any personal or professional matter. The objective of the mentorship program is to help our new recruits in seamlessly getting integrated into GAIL’s culture. A programme was conducted each for mentors and mentees.

At GAIL, we believe that learning is a never ending process. Company is willing to spend time, money and resources for all its employees at various stages of their careers in order to help them to grow as a professional and realize their full potential. Apart from providing functional and behavioral trainings to all levels of employees, adequate exposure is given to employees through conferences, seminars, skill building workshops, etc.

Strong emphasis is given on leadership development programs for executives at senior levels. In order to assess the talent pool at senior level, executives are made to undergo Development Centers. Developmental gaps identified through this process are mitigated through executive development programs, job rotation and higher responsibilities.

Last Updated: 15th March, 2017

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