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In the light of expanding and growing importance of Natural Gas in the country’s energy mix, R&D and Technology Development efforts in the natural gas sector assumes significance. Technologies in deep sea exploration, gas transportation by sea, on-board re-gasification, and coal to gas, gas to liquids (GTL), renewable energy, and application of nano technology and exploitation of Non-conventional Energy Sources are some of the major technologies which need active pursuit. Further, R&D in the energy sector should also focus for achieving energy security while ensuring harmony with the environment for sustainable development. Towards this aim GAIL R&D is equipped with a vision and mission with improved focus and purpose on development and assimilation of technologies in the Natural gas & energy sectors and also identified thrust areas.

Vision Mission & Policy Statement

Vision: To be a leading R&D establishment in Natural gas, its derivatives & beyond, driven by values of Innovation, Integrity, Customer centricity with focus on Technology assimilation and Talent nurturing

Mission: Strive to develop and assimilate Innovative and Cutting-edge technologies to meet the Business requirements of GAIL

Policy statement: R&D department is committed to development of new or improved materials, fuels, products, processes, systems or devices through research findings. Design, construct and test through Pilots & models the new technologies prior to their commercialization. Provide information on latest technological advancement to maintain the technological edge of GAIL in all its businesses


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1. National Patents
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1. Fixed Bed HyperSorber and fractionation of fluids using the same 254118 hypersober-nation
2. International Patents
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1. Fixed Bed HyperSorber and fractionation of fluids using the same US 7,771,510B2 hypersober-internation


GAIL recognizes the importance of Research & Development (R&D) to improve its technological capabilities to remain competitive. GAIL pursues a focused R&D strategy to further its competitive edge in its existing businesses by improving operational efficiency besides exploring new resources of energy to meet the growing demand of India’s populace for clean energy.

GAIL invites Suggestions / Innovative ideas that should be pursued as R&D Projects to fully develop and realize their potential.

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