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Environment and CRZ clearance

Data of Stack Monitoring and Ambient Air Monitoring

Data of Stack Monitoring and Ambient Air Monitoring

Environment Clearance - Pata

Data of Stack monitoring & Ambient Air for March 2016,

Environment Statement (2014-15)

Status of compliance of environment clearance on web for public viewing.

Environment Clearance for Block CB-ONN-2010/11 (Ahmedabad and Anand Districts)

EC letter for CCPP


C2C3 Compliance

Expansion of the Petrochemical Complex Plant by adding Gas Sweetening Plant (GSU, 21.12 MMSCMD) and C2IC3 Recovery Unit (21.72 MMSCMD) at Vijaipur, District Guna, Madhya Pradesh by MIs GAIL (India) Ltd. - Environmental Clearance reg.

Regarding point-wise Comlaince Status of Conditions under Environment Clearance accorded to upcoming GSU & C2/C3 Recovery Unit at GAIL (India) Ltd Vijaipur

380 MW Gas based Combined Cycle Power plant at Village Vijaipur, in Guna Distt., Madhya Pradesh by M/s GAIL India Ltd. – reg. Environmental Clearance.

Environmental clearance for the 220 MW Gas based combined Cycle Power Plant Project in Usar Village of Raigad Dist. By M/s GAIL (India) Ltd.

Environment Clearance for drilling for On-shore Oil & Gas Exploration At Cauvery Basin, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Environment clearance of Gas pipeline from Vijaipur-Kota pipeline

Environment clearance for Kota-Bhilawara Natural Gas pipeline in Rajasthan

Environmental clearance of Petrochemical Complex II Project, Pata

Environment and CRZ clearance for laying Kochi-Kayankulam subsea pipeline

Vijaipur C2-C3 Env Clearance

CRZ Clearance for Dabhol- Banglore Pipeline Project